Here are my physiotherapy prices I am a member of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Call now if you have any questions about my physiotherapy prices.

Physiotherapy Prices in Bishop’s Stortford

£43.00 – 30 minutes
£60.00 – 45 minutes
£80.00 – 60 minutes



£58.00 – 45 minutes



£81.00 for a 6 week block

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Reflexology with Acupuncture 

£58.00 – 45 minutes


As a qualified Physiotherapist and Life Coach in Bishop’s Stortford, my core values are to consider and treat the whole person. I use a caring and sensitive approach to relax my patients/clients and gain their trust.  I am proud to say that for many years my business has mostly been built through word-of-mouth recommendations.  

I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Physiotherapy, setting my business up first as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. My specific areas of expertise include, spinal, headaches, joint or muscle pain, insomnia, Irritable bowl, menopausal symptoms and anxiety. I use a combination of physiotherapy, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, myofascial release, manipulations, taping, exercises or holistic therapies. You can find more information about the treatments that I offer here.

Much of the work I do is not just about physical pain but very much about pain as a direct influence of our brain, thought processes and past experiences and how this affects our health and wellbeing. I regularly empower my patients/clients to take action and change their lives both physically and mentally.   

My life skills, medical and coaching knowledge often become entwined helping you receive a full service of health.  Whether you wish the help of a Physiotherapist or a Life Coach, I can help you make the changes you need.  Whether that be to complete a triathlon, live a life with fulfilment and purpose, move more without physical pain, change your job or make a leap into the unknown. The list is endless, my skill set is complete to help you achieve whatever it is you desire to achieve.