Life Coaching

Empowering you to find your courage, push through fear and realise your dreams whatever they may be.

About Donna

Like many of you my life has had its challenges. The negative effects of these had led me to develop my own limiting beliefs and an inner critic that then stayed with me for years. I truly believed in the past storytelling and thus created my own internal battleground.

However, my own belief system that everything happens for our higher good along with courage, a thirst for self-development, empowerment and my value for freedom has led me to my chosen path and enabled me to live my best essential life.  

Looking at the past and ‘doing the work on myself’ has allowed me to move freely into the path of least resistance and one that I could never have imagined experiencing.  

Why? Because my negative beliefs had told me for years that I would never be any different and that this was my ‘stuff’ and it would always be here holding me back, ‘it was just who I am’. 

I found my courage, strength, determination to create the change I so desperately needed. It just took one step at a time.  

Through taking the time to learn about myself, my life has changed dramatically. I now live my life helping others optimise their health and reach their goals, find courage and empowerment to live the life they are destined to live. When you have this, anything is possible and I mean anything. How do I know this?

Because after many years of self-development, and finding my own self-worth through regular goal setting and conquering small achievements. I hit a milestone birthday, and decided to go to university for 4 years, something I had thought never possible. ‘It was too late for me’ and ‘I wasn’t clever enough’ (yes of course more limiting beliefs!). To say this period was tough was an understatement. As a family we experienced a few losses and life changing experiences during this time.  

My style of life coaching will help you find your courage and to step out of your comfort zone, lean into your fears and live a life true to your values.  Let’s change the words of your inner critic and change your lifeYou can reach the goals you have been dreaming of and make them your reality. Your emotional and physical wellbeing will be directly influenced by the work we do changing your health and life.  

We will focus on moving past your limiting beliefs using skills and proven techniques that will empower you to live your best life. With these foundations set you can achieve anything and once you have done that we can set new goals, ones you didn’t even know existed. 


My pledge to you?    

I will guide you with a nurturing style but one that will hold you accountable through life coaching. Listening, encouraging and supporting you every step of the way. 

  • Nurture and Coach you through the process to fulfil your goals and dreams.
  • Be honest with you, believe in you and help you achieve anything you dared to dream of.
  • Show you what self-care really means.
  • Teach you a new mind-set – creating a new inner voice setting you free of the life that doesn’t serve you.
  • Set healthy lifestyle habits – using years of experience and knowledge.
  • Encourage you without judgement ‘but with a sense of fun and humour’.
  • Find your courage and empower you to live the life you deserve and want to live.


 What else do you need to know about me?

  • My main core values are health, integrity, self-development, empowerment and freedom.
  • I enjoy life and seek new adventures.
  • I care deeply about health/life and all that it encompasses.
  • Completed the 3 Peaks Challenge during a challenging time in my life – I needed to have a focus that year and there is nothing like climbing a mountain or 3 when you fear heights to get you through it – what this tells you about me is that where there’s a will there’s a way.
  • Learnt to scuba dive – another fear faced…
  • Apparently I can’t sing!
  • I am told I have a great sense of humour and zest for life.
  • Driven and ambitious to help people thrive and explore their own possibilities.
  • Love nature and the world we live in – forever grateful.
  • Love food – particularly Sushi!
  • Fundraise yearly for Crisis – I believe no one should be sleeping on the streets.



Life Coaching is the process in which someone who aims to empower and encourage others to live their best lives.  Create, achieve and exceed their goals.  Find courage, empower and build confidence. Transform your health and life, personally and professionally. Explore the self for true fulfilment.

Bespoke packages

These may be 1:1, group programs, 1:1 walk and talk, or half day packages.

Half day packages can include walking, hiking, with a lunch, brunch if you prefer. These will be tailored to your needs. Intensive Health/fitness coaching on this type of programme can be included.  

All sessions are followed up with an email with tasks to help embed your learning and understanding of our session. I will also follow up with a mid-week email to give my full support and any follow up information I think you may benefit from.

Terms and Conditions

All fees are payable in  full in advance, rescheduling appointment with 48 hours’ notice is required otherwise full fee will be charged.