Video Exercises

Here are some physiotherapy video exercises, including the clam, bridge and scissors. You can find more information about the physiotherapy treatments that I offer here

7 Key Exercises To Reduce Back Pain And Stiffness

Thoracic Spine Mobilising Exercises to Reduce Stiffness and Pain

The Bridge Exercise Video

The Clam Exercise Video

Scissors Exercise Video

Hip Abductor Exercise Video

Hopefully the physiotherapy video exercises come in useful for you. Here is a bit more about me.

As a qualified Physiotherapist and Life Coach in Bishop’s Stortford, my core values are to consider and treat the whole person. I am a  Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist and part of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.  I use a caring and sensitive approach to relax my patients/clients and gain their trust.  I am proud to say that for many years my business has mostly been built through word-of-mouth recommendations.  

I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Physiotherapy setting my business up first as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. I went on to learn new skills to complement my work including Acupuncture, Pilates, Meditation and later Life Coaching. 

Much of the work I do is not just about physical pain but very much about pain as a direct influence of our brain, thought processes and past experiences and how this affects our health and wellbeing. I regularly empower my patients/clients to take action and change their lives both physically and mentally.   

My life skills, medical and coaching knowledge often become entwined helping you receive a full service of health.  Whether you wish the help of a Physiotherapist or a Life Coach, I can help you make the changes you need.  Whether that be to complete a triathlon, live a life with fulfilment and purpose, move more without physical pain, change your job or make a leap into the unknown. The list is endless, my skill set is complete to help you achieve whatever it is you desire to achieve. 

The only thing stopping most is fear, fear of the unknown but once you change your limiting beliefs, anything is possible.